Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Sweet Words Sweet Boxes - Friends
only £22.99
Added 731 days ago
Engraved Dainty Heart Bracelet
only £14.99
Added 35 days ago
Engraved Ball Bracelet
only £18.99
Added 35 days ago
Microwavable Hooty the Owl - Pink
only £9.99
Added 486 days ago
Personalised Print - Finding You
from £3.99
Added 23 days ago
Engraved Harmony Bracelet
only £29.99
Added 942 days ago
Engraved Round Compact Mirror with Pearls
from £19.99
Added 513 days ago
Teen 45 Minute Flying Lesson
only £179.99
Added 1 day ago
Engraved India Bracelet
only £15.99
Added 893 days ago
My Family Cook Book
only £19.99
Added 7 days ago
Junior Windsurfing Taster
only £49.99
Added 3 days ago
VW Campervan Washbag
only £19.99
Added 7 days ago
Introduction to Waterskiing
only £34.99
Added 7 days ago
Personalised Print - Hunk Pontoon
from £3.99
Added 3 days ago
Family Entrance to Wildwood Wildlife Park
only £34.99
Added 11 days ago
Personalised Print - Jet Stream
from £3.99
Added 1 day ago
Personalised Retro Sweet Jar - BFF
only £14.99
Added 346 days ago
Personalised Print - Life Of...
from £3.99
Added 10 days ago
Photo Upload Hot Chocolate - Pink Love Heart
only £12.99
Added 17 days ago
Personalised Journal - Multi Hearts
from £8.99
Added 639 days ago
Engraved Butterfly Glass Trinket Box
only £24.99
Added 128 days ago
Colourful 13 Mini Token
only £8.99
Added 331 days ago
Engraved Glass Hot Chocolate Mug
only £14.99
Added 171 days ago
Personalised Mug - Hugs - Green Stars
from £9.99
Added 170 days ago
Photo Upload Notebook - Cakespotting
from £5.99
Added 16 days ago
Dining Table Ping Pong
only £18.99
Added 1100 days ago
Personalised Notebook - Hugs - Flower
from £5.99
Added 169 days ago
Engraved Silver Plated Heart Trinket Box
from £12.99
Added 736 days ago
Personalised One Direction Newspaper Headline
only £11.99
Added 262 days ago
Engraved Key Link Bracelet
from £14.99
Added 72 days ago
Engraved Suede Discs Bracelet
only £18.99
Added 893 days ago
Personalised Notebook - Life Of...
from £5.99
Added 24 days ago
Personalised One Direction Mug - Niall
only £12.99
Added 268 days ago
Engraved Faceted Bracelet
only £21.99
Added 56 days ago
Photo Upload Journal - Photobook
from £8.99
Added 39 days ago
Showing 1 to 39 of 373 items 99 items per page
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Gifts for Teenage Girls - if you need a little inspiration...

They’ve reached that difficult age where they know best and all they want to talk about are boys, makeup and shoes. Finding a gift that’s going to tear a teenage girl away from her phone for more than five minutes seems like a tall order but we’re here to help!

We have a fantastic selection of thoughtful and memorable gifts to hand. From stunning engraved jewellery boxes to personalised chocolate bars and sweet hampers (that they may or may not share), you’ll wonder why you ever looked anywhere else.

If she really is permanently glued to her phone then a funky and personalised iPhone or BlackBerry cover will at least make for a stylish accessory that they’ll always have on them!