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Introducing PrePay

The brand new way to save money at giving you even more value…

What is PrePay?
PrePay allows you to credit your account with a minimum of £25 and we will reward you with an additional 20% credit. PrePay is easy to add and makes even easier to use. It’s a great way to allow us to say Thank You to our loyal customers.

What can I buy with PrePay?
Prepay can be used to buy anything on the site. If you are logged in to your account, your order will be processed using your PrePay credit at the completed checkout stage. Your PrePay credit and remaining balance are clearly shown on the basket before you go to checkout.

How do I add more PrePay credit?
It’s easy to add more PrePay credit if you run out. Simply log in to your account, click ‘Add PrePay Credits’ in the left Accounts menu and use the boxes above to choose a set amount or enter any desired amount of credit to add (over £25) and we will credit you with a bonus 20% credit. You will receive an email with confirmation of your PrePay credit added.

How do I find out my PrePay credit?
Your PrePay balance will be shown whenever you visit the basket page. You can also view a history of your transactions and your current PrePay credit by logging into your account and using the My PrePay Credits in the left Accounts menu.

How long is my PrePay credit valid for
Your PrePay credit will be valid for 18 months from the last order you placed using your account or 18 months from when PrePay credit has been added to your account (whichever of these is the latest date). Terms and Conditions apply

Can I use my PrePay credit in conjunction with another discount or promotion?
No. Prepay cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount vouchers. This is because PrePay gives you bonus credit as a reward for spending more than £25 so cannot be used at the same time as other discount vouchers. If you are logged in to your account and have prepay credit in your account, the discount voucher box will not appear on the basket and discount vouchers already applied to the basket will be removed.

Terms and Conditions
Click here to see the terms and conditions relating to PrePay