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Comedy Golf Slippers
only £12.99
Added 898 days ago
Personalised Pint Glass - 18th Birthday Crest
from £9.99
Added 579 days ago
Personalised Football Book - For Your Team
from £39.99
Added 1106 days ago
Personalised Star of Fame
only £16.99
Added 1106 days ago
Engraved Silver Heart Diamanté Jewellery Box
from £19.99
Added 784 days ago
Personalised and Framed Didi Disc
only £39.99
Added 1106 days ago
Engraved Rectangle Birthday Cufflinks
from £19.99
Added 660 days ago
Personalised Shot Glass with Miniature - Happy 18th
only £12.99
Added 258 days ago
Personalised Black Beaded Bracelet
from £29.99
Added 756 days ago
Engraved Heart Compact Mirror
from £16.99
Added 730 days ago
Personalised Wine Glass - Finally 18
only £9.99
Added 247 days ago
Personalised Number Plate
only £8.99
Added 1105 days ago
Engraved '18th Birthday' Silver Star Paperweight
from £12.99
Added 737 days ago
Personalised Retro Sweet Jar - 18th Birthday
only £14.99
Added 470 days ago
18th Birthday Tallulah Chic Cocktail Glass
only £12.99
Added 986 days ago
Original Newspaper from 1996 (18th Birthday)
from £34.99
Added 1106 days ago
Engraved Silver Oval Compact Mirror
from £16.99
Added 813 days ago
Engraved Heart Keyring
from £19.99
Added 832 days ago
18th Birthday Chocoholics Pizza
only £19.99
Added 1105 days ago
Personalised and Framed Gold Didi Disc
only £44.99
Added 733 days ago
Engraved Heart Jewellery Box
from £19.99
Added 832 days ago
Personalised Wine - Vintage Design
from £19.99
Added 552 days ago
Engraved Handbag Compact Mirror
from £15.99
Added 741 days ago
Engraved Crystal Highball Glass
only £19.99
Added 686 days ago
18th Birthday Pink Glass Champagne Flute
only £10.99
Added 650 days ago
Camera Lens Mug
from £14.99
Added 987 days ago
Engraved Pen Holder and Pen
from £29.99
Added 741 days ago
Luxury Personalised Vintage Their Year Champagne
from £39.99
Added 539 days ago
Engraved Crystal Tumbler and Jack Daniels Gift Set
only £27.99
Added 691 days ago
Photo Upload Phone Cover
only £14.99
Added 901 days ago
Showing 1 to 39 of 236 items 99 items per page
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18th Birthday Gifts - if you need a little inspiration...

The big one-eight is here and that means the floodgates are open with what they can now do. Before all the gifts, cards, booze and partying, it’s important note to their new found freedom.

Turning 18 means they can now do things like buy fireworks, gamble, become a Member of Parliament (and a future Prime Minister), buy a crossbow (if they like to hunt) or apply for a commercial pilot’s licence if they want to fly!

With all that exciting stuff they could be doing, when will they time for cake, to open their personalised card or sip a glass of our finest champagne? Well, once you've seen our exciting 18th birthday gift ideas you’ll see they’ll have to make time. They’re just that good.

Drinking (sensibly) was always going to be on the agenda so why not get the party started with a few tipples. There’s something to suit all tastes, from premium Spanish beer, whisky, vodka, gin, and of course everyone’s favourite liquid export from that region of France… of course we’re talking about champagne! Don’t forget to throw in a personalised pint glass, wine glass or champagne flute in as well; it’d be rude to drink from the bottle after all.

If you’re looking for something a little longer lasting then there’s a veritable feast of gift ideas at your fingertips. Limber up those hands and get that mouse ready to click, it’s going to be getting quite a workout browsing over 250 birthday pressies.

An 18th birthday is a big deal so there’s no point in doing things by half measures. Girls who love being pampered, wearing nice jewellery and indulging their sweet tooth are well catered for. Boys who can’t get enough the beautiful game (or any other sport), like to look dapper, and those who go mad for the latest gadgets are going to be very, very happy indeed.

Regardless of what they’re doing to celebrate their 18th birthday it’s guaranteed to go off with a bang with our help. They’re finally and officially an adult and they deserve the biggest and the best gifts. Time to get shopping!