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Unusual Gifts & Presents

Break the norm with our great range of unique presents

Unusual Gifts & Presents - if you need a little inspiration...

Sometimes we all like to try something that's a little bit unusual. For example, if we're out for dinner, we might be attracted to the strangest thing on the menu; or when decorating, we might find ourselves fancying a rather obscure paint colour. These things happen and there's nothing quite like a break from the norm to spice up life a little.

With that sentiment in mind, here at we like to offer a selection of gifts that really cater for those moments of inspiration, where only unusual gifts will do. But in case you're thinking that unusual gifts can only mean either quirky or humorous, you're in for a surprise. While we do have an extensive range of humorous gifts – such as our Crime Scene toilet tissue, or our State of the Art Spud Gun – the range is far more impressive.

For those looking to tap into those moments of nostalgia that can occur during birthdays and Christmas get-togethers, we have plenty of nostalgic and novelty ideas to choose from.

Indeed, should anyone close to you have a desire to remember 'their day', we have The 1950s Scrapbook. With the help of this fantastic publication, parents and grandparents can look back upon a bygone era, where rationing, rock 'n' roll and the iconic Mini were all the rage. It might not be so exciting for the kids, but then we've got plenty of unusual gifts for them too, such as the Retro Sweets range filled with some classic sweets that are sure to keep them quiet for hours.

Unusual gifts such as the Flying Pig always being a little hilarity to an occasion for both kids and adults alike. As does the gift of Nothing – one of the unusual gifts that is perfect for those that have everything, or indeed those who fail to inform you what they’d really like for their birthday or Christmas and always just ask for nothing!

So have a good look through our unusual gifts range and choose something that’s a break from the norm!
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