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Find the perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift

Only 3 years ago you walked down the aisle to your husband-to-be, tears in his eyes as he saw you and in front of friends and family you pledged your love to each other. 3 years has gone by but the memories of the big day are still fresh in your mind. Together you’ve embarked on a lifetime of happiness and when the date of the special day comes back around, you’ll want to sing and shout about it. 

Traditionally, you celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary with gifts made of leather. Unsure what leather items your other half will love the most? We offer a range of items that can be personalised especially for him! Maybe you are treating the wife and leather isn’t something she will be overjoyed at. 

Why not present him with a Leather Holdall engraved with his initials for when you go on your romantic break? 

For her, how about a Vintage Black Jewellery Box with a unique message from you? Somewhere unique to hold the jewellery dearest to her. You could even treat her to a personalised bracelet, surprise her with it sitting in the jewellery box waiting. 

And why not end the day settled down for a romantic night in with a glass of Prosecco, chilled from a bottle designed just for you two?

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