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Are these the most amazing birthday cakes you've ever seen?

Written By Abi McSherry
Friday 3 Jun 2016 10:40

Amazing birthday cakes
Warning: You will want to eat cake after reading this!

There’s so much to love about birthdays. Receiving amazing birthday presents and thoughtful birthday cards, and of course devouring slice after slice of really delicious birthday cake. But what if the birthday cake looks almost too good to eat? So impressive that it’s good enough to actually be a birthday gift? Well, these incredible birthday cakes are exactly that!

Whether for a child’s birthday, a friend’s birthday or your other half’s, a unique birthday cake designed just for them is a really thoughtful idea for a personalised birthday present. Take a look at the incredible designs below for a little birthday inspiration – they’re some of the best birthday cake ideas we’ve ever seen!

Cute Children's Cakes


If your little one is an animal lover they will love this zoo-themed birthday cake to pieces!


They spend hours scrolling though photos on Instagram and uploading their own. We bet a photo of this would be uploaded and hashtaged in minutes.


Yep, that’s right, their precious pooch can be the muse for their birthday cake.


This is the sort of birthday cake that’s almost too good to eat!


If they’re wishing for a new train set for a birthday present, why not treat them to a train set birthday cake too?


Struggle to get them off their games console? Then this is the cake you need.


Princess themed birthday party? Tick! Princess themed birthday gifts? Tick! Princess themed birthday cake? Here it is!


This Alice In Wonderland birthday cake is an amazing birthday gift for any child who loves the classic Lewis Carroll tale.


If your little one’s a football fan they’ve made your job easy! Stick to a football themed birthday party, birthday presents, birthday cards and birthday cakes and they’ll love you forever.


This amazing cake would go brilliantly with some super hero themed children’s birthday presents.

Awesome Adult Cakes


Perfect for a wordsmith or scrabble champion. This creative birthday cake might actually leave them lost for words for once!


A great birthday gift idea for the most pampered lady you know.


Fans of The Walking Dead probably couldn’t think of a better birthday gift!


Or if Game of Thrones is their favourite TV show, this is an incredible birthday cake design.

Movie theme birthday cake

This is a great birthday present idea for film buffs. Not only does it look amazing, but they can eat it too!


For lovers of fast food and sweet treats, we’ve found you the most perfect birthday cake. It looks like a burger, but tastes like cake. What better birthday gift?


If you know someone who’s starry eyed for Star Wars, this is probably one of the best birthday gifts you could give them!

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