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Christmas Card Messages: What To Write In A Christmas Card?

If you're finding yourself with writer's block this Christmas, look no further! We've created this collection of our favourite Christmas card messages and quotes to fill your cards with sentimentality, humour, and festive cheer. No matter the recipient, you'll find what you need right here.

Christmas is a magical time for young and old! Our cards messages are perfect for anyone’s card! If you’re stuck for inspiration when deciding what to write in a Christmas card, we hope we’ve made the job easier with our Christmas card quotes and verses. Choose from funny or sentimental and make their card one they’ll remember!

Generic Messages

"Merry Christmas with lots of love!"
"We hope Father Christmas brings you all you’ve asked for!"
"We know you’re on the nice list! Merry Christmas!"
"Tis the season! Wishing you peace, joy, and love!"
"Good wishes, for Christmas and the New Year!"
"Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays."

"Have a holly, jolly Christmas!"
"Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!"
"So grateful to have a friend like you at Christmas and all year long."
"All I want for Christmas is for you to have a crazy cool Christmas!"
"Have a magical holiday!"

Funny Xmas Card Messages

"Santa is funny… He brings you gifts but the catch is you have to sing a Christmas song before you open them! Merry Christmas!"
"I think Santa’s wish for this Christmas should be to lose weight."
"Rudolph has a red nose because he is drunk."
"I know your family is dysfunctional. Still, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
"Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year."
"Here’s to a season filled with amazing food and alcohol!"
"There’s snowbody like you, Happy Christmas!"
"Please note: Christmas is cancelled. Apparently, you told Santa you’ve been good this year…he died laughing."
"Get your fat pants ready, it’s Christmas!"
"Christmas is mostly for children. But we adults can enjoy it too, until the credit card bills arrive."
Card messages aren’t my thing. Merry Christmas!"

"You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights."
"I hope your December 25th is splendid this year. If you have an awful day on December 27th, that's alright. It's really just the 25th I care about!"
"For Christmas I got you pants with an elastic waistline that you can wear through January. You’re welcome."
"If you don’t like my present, it’s because you have bad taste. I’ll still wish you a Merry Christmas!"
"Christmas is a special time to think about peace, love, joy, and weight gain."
"I hope the holidays find you in good spirits! And by spirits, I do mean alcohol."
"The best thing about the holidays is getting to catch up on sleep and TV shows. Enjoy!"

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Christmas Card Messages For Wife/Girlfriend/Husband/Boyfriend:

"I love Christmas a lot, but not as much as I love you. I can’t imagine spending the holidays without you. You are such an important part of my life."
"All I want for Christmas is you…"
"You light up my life more than the brightest Christmas lights."
"pending Christmas with you is my dream come true."
"The best gift of all is the gift of loving you. Merry Christmas!"
"There is no present under the tree that’s better than waking up and seeing you next to me."
"You are my everything. No presents necessary."
"You have no idea how much I love seeing you smile. I like making you smile like it’s Christmas morning."

"We go together like snow and a sled."
"I LOVE you. A lot. Merry Christmas."
"You are sweeter than a candy cane!"
"Having you this Christmas was the best present ever."
"You really jingle my bells all the way."
"You can deck my hall any day that you want. Merry Christmas!"
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from someone who is completely smitten."
"May your holidays be filled with as much love and joy as you’ve given me."
"Time spent with you is always like walking through a magical winter wonderland minus the frostbite."

Messages From Family

"We sent Father Christmas your list! Let’s see what he brings you! Love Mummy & Daddy"
"We wish you lots of love and joy… and that Father Christmas has your favourite toys!"

Messages From A Distance

"You may be far, be you’re never far from my mind at Christmas time!"
"Really wish you were here at Christmas time!"
"Thinking of you this Christmas. “Yule” be on my mind."
"There may be many miles separating us… but it won’t stop my presents getting to you! Merry Christmas!"

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Card Messages For Kids

Make Christmas truly memorable with an extra finishing touch! From a baby’s first Christmas to family from across the miles, you’ll find a message for your little prince or princess that will make them believe in the magic of Christmas!

Generic Messages For Kids

"We hope Father Christmas brings you all you’ve asked for!"
"We know you’re on the nice list! Merry Christmas!"
"If Santa has a ‘good kid list’ you’ve got to be right there at the top! Merry Christmas to a great kid!"
"We hope you have a magical Christmas and get all you’ve asked for!"
"I love Christmas almost as much as I love you!"

"I hope there’s lots of presents under the tree and your stocking is stuffed full this year!"
"Don’t forget to put a carrot out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve!"
"Santa told me you’ve been very good this year. Have a happy Christmas!"

Funny Xmas Card Messages For Kids

"Santa is funny. He brings you gifts but the catch is you have to sing a Christmas song before you open them! Merry Christmas!"
"I’m a little snowman round and fat, here are my mittens and here is my hat. Add a little scarf and a carrot nose, I stand so tall when the cold wind blows."

"Some old white-haired guy in a red suit told me to wish you a Merry Christmas."
"Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fun break from school!"
"Remember… Father Christmas likes Baileys when you’re putting out his drink on Christmas Eve!"

Baby’s First Christmas

"Happy First Christmas baby girl/boy!"
"Every Christmas is magical, but this year is even better because of you!"

"It’s the littlest things that make the season shine brightest…"
"We traded silent nights for a bundle of joy."

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Christmas Card Messages: What To Write In A Christmas Card? - if you need a little inspiration...

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