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Cards To Make Them Laugh On Their Birthday...

Birthdays are a happy occasion, but if someone generally tends to dread turning another year older, then why not make them laugh with one of our hilarious personalised birthday cards? 

This personalised OMG you are so old card takes the design of an eye test. With the words 'OMG You Are So Old You Probably Can't Read This,' it's a hilarious card if they are worried about getting another year older and what it entails. You can personalise the front of the card with a message to appear at the bottom. 

Napping as you get older is the ultimate luxury so gift them this happy hour card to make them smile. The card comes in a pink, white and yellow design and reads 'At Your Age Happy Hour Is A Nap' with room for a name to appear at the top.

Make them feel better about turning another year older with this you're not old, you're vintage card. The card reads 'You're Not Old, You're Vintage' in a mixture of black and blue script and block fonts. There's room for a name to appear at the bottom after the words 'Happy Birthday.' 

Grab a personalised hilarious card that will make them laugh and smile about being older and getting some extra grey hairs!