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18 Gifts Perfect For Your Office Secret Santa

Written By Adam Holmes
Friday 8 Jan 2016 14:09

Gifts Perfect For Your Office Secret Santa

1 - Before & After 5 Wine Glass

Before & After 5 Wine Glass

If they start their count down to wine o’clock at 9.05am, make sure they won’t have to waste a moment longer sourcing a wine glass when the clock strikes wine time!

2 - Inflatable Beard

Inflatable Beard

No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to get past the patchy bum-fluff stage. But never fear – for you have the answer to their beard-growing problems…

3 - The Gift Of Nothing

The Gift Of Nothing

They claim to hate Christmas because it’s “so commercialised”. In which case, they won’t be wanting a Christmas present. But unfortunately, you got them in the Secret Santa draw and at least this is better than nothing. Oh wait…

4 - Cat Clapper Board

Cat Clapper Board

If they love taking videos of their cat and sending them around the office, help them make them look super professional with their very own Cat Clapper Board.

5 - Lazy Bones Skeleton

Lazy Bones Skeleton

A great gift for the (lazy) person who will literally find any excuse to put off doing actual work.

6 - Bike Porn Volume 1

Bike Porn Volume 1

They love their bike more than you love your cat. You know this because they won’t stop telling you about it. Fed up with pretending to listen? Just distract them with some bike porn.

7 - To Poo Or Not To Poo Book

To Poo Or Not To Poo Book

There’s always that one person in the office who spends longer than naturally normal in the toilet. They must get bored. But not anymore!

8 - Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

Her desk is covered in photos of her cats. Her mug has a photo of her cats on it. Her keys are adorned with cat key rings. You’re sure that one day you heard her talking on the phone to her cats. Yep, she’s a crazy cat lady.

9 - Ice Cream Door Stop

Ice Cream Door Stop

They pretend to spill your cup of tea on you every time they do a brew round. More annoyingly, you always fall for it. Now they can fool others too, with this novelty doorstop!

10 - Magic Poo

Magic Poo

Imagine the havoc they could wreak in the toilets with this little pot of magic poo…

11 - Dress Up Mask- Horses Head

Dress Up Mask- Horses Head

After all, they do spend most of their time horsing around…

12 - Arse Face Soap

Arse Face Soap

Does someone need reminding that there is such thing as a clean joke?

13 - I'm A Twat Surprise Mug

I'm A Twat Surprise Mug

Well, you’re all thinking it…

14 - Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Now you’ll know where they get their crap jokes from!

15 - Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Every birthday, they joke about how old you’re getting, despite the fact you’re younger than them! It’s time to get your own back!

16 - Personalised Senior Moments Mints

Personalised Senior Moments Mints

Or these will work just as well.

17 - Personalised Warning! Alcohol Mug

Personalised Warning! Alcohol Mug

They joke so often that their mug is secretly full of vodka, you’re pretty sure they’re not joking anymore…

18 - Sock Sandals

Sock Sandals

You’ve never seen them outside of work in their “normal clothes” but you bet they’re the socks and sandals type.



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