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31 Christmas Presents Your Son Will Love More Than His Games Console

Written By Susie Cole
Friday 4 Dec 2015 10:20

1 - 4GB Personalised USB Key

4GB Personalised USB Key

With a USB Key, he can easily carry the documents he’s working on with him wherever he goes. Hopefully, it will be his homework and not his fantasy football strategy.

2 - Personalised Boot Bag

Personalised Boot Bag

If he currently carries his boots to training by tying his laces together and slinging them over his shoulder, why not treat him to his very own personalised boot bag?

3 - Personalised Football Book

Personalised Football Book

Does he talk about his football team’s players like they’re his pals? Claim he’d do a better job than their current manager? Has he perfected playing on FIFA and Football Manager at the same time? Then this is the perfect present for him.

4 - Personalised Charcoal Canvas Holdall

Personalised Charcoal Canvas Holdall

Whether he’s off on a family camping trip or a boy’s holiday, we’re sure he’d much prefer to take this instead of borrowing his sister’s flowery suitcase again.

5 - Stay Cool Emoji Cushion

Stay Cool Emoji Cushion

If he spends a lot of his time on his phone sending silly pictures to his friends, he’ll love a new prop to pose with – especially one that looks like his favourite emoji.

6 - Personalised Bicycle Repair Kit

Personalised Bicycle Repair Kit

Do you often receive calls from him for a lift when his bike gets a puncture? Then invest in a personalised bicycle repair kit and make sure he carries it with him.

7 - Da Vinci Catapult

Da Vinci Catapult

If a catapult was always his favourite toy, introduce him to a more mature upgrade which he can enjoy constructing just as much as he will enjoy catapulting.

8 - Butt Head Game

Butt Head Game

The kids will use any excuse to give each other a dig in the ribs, a sneaky shove, or a bop on the head. If only they had a game that would allow them to safely throw things at each other’s heads…

9 - Crying With Laughter Emoji Cushion

Crying With Laughter Emoji Cushion

Does he spend hours on his phone laughing at silly videos his friends have tagged him in on Facebook? Then this emoji is likely to be one of his favourites.

10 - Wanted Picture Frame

Wanted Picture Frame

If he’s been up to a bit of mischief this year, show that all is forgiven, but not necessarily forgotten by putting his mug shot in this funny photo frame.

11 - Batman Mirror

Batman Mirror

Batman fans will love looking into the mirror and straightening their mask (doing their hair) before they head out for a day of fighting crime (school).

12 - Batman Egg Cup & Toast Cutter

Batman Egg Cup & Toast Cutter

Start his day right: with a breakfast fit for a superhero thanks to this Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter set.

13 - Personalised Football Calendar

Personalised Football Calendar

If his dream is to wear his team’s shirt as an international football legend, give him a taste of what life would be like with his name in the spotlight.

14 - Personalised Belgian Chocolates

Personalised Belgian Chocolates

If his habit of stealing everyone’s chocolates is making you all hangry, make sure he knows which chocolates are his with a personalised box.

15 - Personalised Scratch Map Of The World

Personalised Scratch Map Of The World

Whether he has dreams of one day exploring the world, or is in fact soon to embark on his travels, here’s a fun way for him to keep track of his adventures.

16 - Personalised Ultimate Gamer Notebook

Personalised Ultimate Gamer Notebook

Keep finding bits of paper lying around his games console with strange symbols scrawled all over them? They’ll probably be his gaming codes. But if he had a dedicated gaming notebook, he could keep them all in one (tidy) place.

17 - Personalised Arsenal Dressing Room Print

Personalised Arsenal Dressing Room Print

Put his name on the back of his favourite football team’s shirt and let him see what it would look like hanging beside the kits of the top players in the dressing room.

18 - Personalised Ferrari Calendar

Personalised Ferrari Calendar

If fast, flash cars are his thing then he’ll love looking at them every day, imagining the day he will have one of his own.

19 - Personalised Football Mug

Personalised Football Mug

Not sure what he likes more, football or a good brew? Then why not combine the two and treat him to his very own personalised football mug.

20 - Bike Porn Volume 1

Bike Porn Volume 1

Does he spend so long tinkering with it that sometimes you wonder if he loves his bike a little too much? Then he’ll love browsing all the beauties in this hip little book.

21 - Doughnut Mug

Doughnut Mug

If Homer Simpson had a favourite mug, this would be it! If you know another doughnut lover, this could be their new favourite mug too.

22 - Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Is getting him to clean his desk harder than drawing blood from a stone? Maybe you just need to disguise cleaning in the form of playing with a new fun toy!

23 - Chocoholics Pizza

Chocoholics Pizza

How unbelievable is it that he can scoff all that pizza and chocolate and never put a pound on, yet you only have to look at it and your jeans tighten! In one last attempt to fatten him up, treat him to a chocolate pizza and try not to steal a slice.

24 - Bush Tucker Trial Challenge

Bush Tucker Trial Challenge

Him and his mates are forever challenging each other to do some pretty gruesome dares, but will they be brave enough to munch on mealworms and chow down on crickets?

25 - British Superbike Weekend Tickets For Two

British Superbike Weekend Tickets For Two

If he makes you sacrifice your soap re-runs so that he can watch superbike racing you must believe that he likes it a lot. So what better present than tickets to watch the real deal?

26 - Lightning Reaction Game

Lightning Reaction Game

If he finds people falling over or stubbing their toe side-splittingly funny, then he will love this electric shock game.

27 - Personalised Football’s Youngest Signing Spoof Newspaper Article

Personalised Football’s Youngest Signing Spoof Newspaper Article

Whether he’s captain of his school’s football team, or the town’s top scorer, his goal is likely to be the next big football star. So there’s no doubt that he’ll love seeing his future achievements making front-page news.

28 - Lazy Bracket

Lazy Bracket

If he spends so much time playing games, texting friends, scrolling Facebook and watching videos on his phone that you’re worried his arms will drop off, worry no more! The Lazy Bracket will ensure he can be as lazy as humanly possible.

29 - Micro Drum Kit

Micro Drum Kit

A great gift for the person who’s constantly humming, drumming his fingers on the table, tapping his feet and clicking his fingers.

30 - Personalised Retro Sweet Jar

Personalised Retro Sweet Jar

There’s no such thing as being too old for a sweet jar, so why not treat him to a pick ‘n’ mix of his childhood favourites.

31 - Tetris Light

Tetris Light

Give him a blast from the past with a funky Tetris Light, which he can take apart and rebuild time and time again.


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