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41 Christmas Gifts To Buy The Person Who Loves Their Pet More Than They Love You

Written By Charlotte Platt
Friday 4 Dec 2015 10:24

We all know that one person who loves their pet more than people. And whether they’re team dog, team cat or team rabbit, it’s no surprise that a pet-related present will get their tail wagging this Christmas. So take a look at our favourite, fur-friendly gifts that are sure to get them purring with delight…

1 - Personalised Pet Photo Upload Bauble

Personalised Pet Photo Upload Bauble

As the saying goes, pets are for life, not just for Christmas. But Christmas certainly is a time to celebrate just how wonderful they are with a photo of them hanging proudly on the tree.

2 - Pet Salt & Pepper Pots

Pet Salt & Pepper Pots

Keep your pets close to your heart even at the dinner table.

3 - Strictly For Cats Book

Strictly For Cats Book

Ballroom dancing, lycra costumes and cats – what more could you ask for?!

4 - Pet Photoshoot Experience Day

Pet Photoshoot Experience Day

Give their pet the VIP treatment they deserve with their very own photo shoot.

5 - Cat Clapper Board

Cat Clapper Board

If they constantly post videos of their cat on Facebook, this cat clapper board will make the videos look super professional.

6 - Personalised Oak Double Cat Bowl

Personalised Oak Double Cat Bowl

When they’ve splashed out on gourmet cat food, only the best bowl will do.


7 - Best Cat Trophy

Best Cat Trophy

Best cuddler? Best prowl? Best collar? We got this.

8 - Personalised Dog Blanket

Personalised Dog Blanket

Fleece-lined loveliness for their furry friend!


9 - Personalised Pet My Dog Mug

Tea + dog = happiness, right?

10 - Petsies Photo Album

Petsies Photo Album

Their Facebook, phone, camera and photo frames are filled with pictures of their pet. And now they can have a designated book to document each and every selfie.


11 - Personalised Dog Breath Mints

Personalised Dog Breath Mints

Pet owner or not, you’ve always got to stay minty fresh.

12 - Wooferang Dog Boomerang

Wooferang Dog Boomerang

What do you call a boomerang that’s as loyal as your pooch? A wooferang!

13 - Big Face Black Labrador T-Shirt

Big Face Black Labrador T-Shirt

If there's anyone who loves their lab enough to wear this t-shirt it's them. And we don't blame them one bit!

14 - Two Rap Cushion

Two Rap Cushion

For the person who has the coolest dog.

15 - Personalised Beige Mabel Doorstop

Personalised Beige Mabel Doorstop

Ordinary doorstops that look a bit wuff need not apply…

16 - Personalised Dog Plaque

Personalised Dog Plaque

Because every kennel needs a sign. Enter if you dare…

17 - Toilet Dog Bowl

Toilet Dog Bowl

Help your hound stay hydrated and have a laugh in the process.

18 - Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Yummy yummy yummy this pug’s got tea in his tummy…

19 - Mutts & Hounds Knitted Dog Scarf

Mutts & Hounds Knitted Dog Scarf

Dog’s get cold too, you know. So kit them out in this cosy yet chic scarf!

20 - Personalised The More I Love My Dog Notebook

Personalised The More I Love My Dog Notebook

They could probably fill the notebook with a list of all the things they love their dog more than!

21 - Cat Hamper

Cat Hamper

For a kitty who made it onto Santa's nice list…

22 - Engraved Hair Of The Dog Hipflask

Engraved Hair Of The Dog Hipflask

The ancient cure for any hangover.

23 - Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats

Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats

The photo opportunities really are endless…

24 - Nodding Pug

Nodding Pug

Make traffic jams much more fun with this little dashboard buddy.


25 - Kitty Money Box

Kitty Money Box

Perfect for saving up for that diamond-encrusted collar for Whiskers.

26 - Cat In A Box Play Centre

Cat In A Box Play Centre

Give their usual cardboard box a face lift and treat their tabby to a set of their own wheels. Playtime just got interesting.

27 - Microwaveable Soft Toy Rabbit

Microwaveable Soft Toy Rabbit

The perfect snuggle buddy on a cold winter night.

28 - Personalised Bunny Ears Chopping Board

Personalised Bunny Ears Chopping Board

A bunny rabbit-shaped chopping board? You better chop to it.

29 - Kids Microwavable Bunny Slippers

Kids Microwavable Bunny Slippers

Ideal for hop-hop-hopping to bed…

30 - Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

Where else would you keep your 9 carrot gold rings?

31 - Ornamental Robin Watering Can

Ornamental Robin Watering Can

Ensure their garden is fed, watered and bird-friendly!


32 - Woof Photo Frame

Woof Photo Frame

They'll be able to display their pooch proudly for all to see.

33 - Engraved Pet Tag

Engraved Pet Tag

Ideal for all glamour pooches!

34 - Labrador Silhouette Wall Clock

Labrador Silhouette Wall Clock

On this clock it's always time for walkies!

35 - Personalised Dog Lovers Calendar

Personalised Dog Lovers Calendar

They'll be able to gaze lovingly at a new dog every month

36 - Personalised Cat Lovers Calendar

Personalised Cat Lovers Calendar

Or if they're cat lovers...


37 - Pug Reindeer Christmas T-shirt

Pug Reindeer Christmas T-shirt

Forget Rudolph, it's all about the Christmas pug!

38 - Santa Cat Christmas T-Shirt

Santa Cat Christmas T-Shirt

Here comes Santa Paws!

39 - Personalised Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Personalised Crazy Cat Lady Mug

We all know one...


40 - Cat Silhouette Wall Clock

Cat Silhouette Wall Clock

It's time for a cat nap!

41 - Mutts & Hounds Dog Neckerchief

Mutts & Hounds Dog Neckerchief

For the most dapper dog in town...


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