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9 Tasty Ideas For Christmas Dinner Leftovers That Will Make The Dog Sad

Written By Lianne Wilmor
Friday 27 Nov 2015 15:44

9 Tasty Ideas For Christmas Dinner Leftovers That Will Make The Dog Sad
If your pooch watches on wide-eyed as you eat Christmas dinner in the hope that you’ll send the leftovers their way, we’re about to make them whimper. Because here we have 9 alternative uses for leftovers that you will want to try.

1 - Turkey And Potato Curry

Step away from the takeaway menu. You’re already half way to making a homemade curry. All you need to add to your leftover turkey and potatoes is onion, green pepper, curry paste, tinned chopped tomatoes, and rice or naan bread.

2 - Cheeseboard And Onion Tart

If you find you went a little overboard on the cheeseboard don't worry, you can rustle together a lovely lunch of cheese tarts with your leftovers. Best of all, they're still the perfect complement to a glass of vino! The only other ingredients you'll need are plain four, butter, onions, eggs and double cream.

3 - Hot Turkey And Stuffing Sandwich

This. Sounds. Amazing. And as long as you have leftover turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce, all you need to add is bread. Heat up the gravy to make it the perfect winter warmer lunch

4 - Boxing Day Bubble And Squeak

This looks suspiciously like a full English breakfast – which means it’s perfect for nursing a Boxing Day hangover. Plus, if you have lots of veg and potatoes left over then this is a great dish for you. You’ll need to raid the fridge (or supermarket) for the chipolatas, tomatoes, streaky bacon, mushrooms and eggs. Worth it!

5 - Spicy Turkey Soup

Not to be a Scrooge about stodgy Christmas Dinners, but this is a lovely light relief. And it takes minimal effort to make. All you need to do is stick leftover turkey and veg, vegetable stock, plum tomatoes, green chillies, onion, garlic, avocado, cayenne pepper and ground cumin into a big pot and stir. Kind of.

6 - Cranberry Banana Cake

Go ahead and make your usual banana cake, only when the time comes to mix in your bananas, also add your leftover jar of cranberry sauce. It’s that simple. If you have fresh cranberries, that’s fine too.

7 - Roast Vegetable Penne

If your family is guilty of stuffing their faces with pigs in blankets and yummy Yorkshire puddings only to leave their veg lonely on the plate, all isn’t lost. Reheat your veg adding a couple of tomatoes, pop cooked pasta into a bowl, drizzle with oil, then mix in your veg and sprinkle with parmesan.

8 - Chocolate Potato Cookies

Potato cookies? Potato. In a cookie. Yep that was our thought process too, but they’re actually pretty good! To be specific, you’ll need unseasoned mash potato to make the cookies – garlic flavoured or gravy soaked won’t have quite the same effect. Pair the potato with brown sugar, an egg, flour, baking soda, milk and chocolate chips and you’re in for a sweet surprise.

9 - Ham Fritta

All that lovely cured ham needn’t go in the dog’s dish because with the help of the wonderfully versatile egg, you can pretty much put anything into a frittata. So grab any left over ham and cheese, add a dozen eggs, milk and green pepper, and voilà! Lunch is served.

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