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Go, go, gadget gifts!

Some people just cannot go a day without checking their phone, their tablet and their laptop! No matter where they are, they just have to check their emails, their social media and maybe watch a bit of YouTube! For them, we have the perfect gifts – from a solid oak desk tidy to hold their tablet and smartphone, to an exciting screen magnifier, so in the comfort of their bed they can watch TV on their smartphone and not have to worry about the small screen. 

Maybe your loved one enjoys nothing more than mixing ‘chemicals’ and creating new formulas (in the safety of the home and replacing chemicals with alcohol…) Why not give them a present which will impress at their next dinner party or will provide entertainment on a fun Friday night? Our Lab inspired Glassware will allow them to mix their ‘chemicals’ in authentic looking beakers! 

Some people love to play retro computer games in their spare time. For the gamer in your life, a gift of a personalised notebook where they can write down the tricks and hacks to their latest game addiction! We have an authentic Lego lunchbox for young and old alike – who doesn’t love Lego?! 

For the ultimate Gadget Geek we have a gift experience that will be unforgettable! Our Full Spy HQ Day for Two is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of spies! Create amazing memories together!

This Christmas surprise your Gadget Geek with our wide variety of gifts they will love!