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41 Family Christmas Photos You’ll Wish You Could Un-See

Written By Abi McSherry
Tuesday 17 Nov 2015 09:08

41 family Christmas photos you’ll wish you could un-see
Take A Look At These Christmas Family Photos That Would Have You Clicking The Un-Tag Button Faster Than You Can Say "Cheese!"

1 - Introducing the new Blades of Glory sequel: Blades of Doreen

2 - Note to self: specify “complete working bike” on letter to Santa

3 - It will be fun, they said. We’ll make you look pretty, they said...

4 - When you lose the race against the timer

5 - It’s a dog eat dad world out there…

6 - The original Bad Santa

7 - Just blame it on the horse…

8 - We’ve heard of wrapping your kids in cotton wool, but this is ridiculous

9 - Taking the concept of a Family Tree to whole new level

10 - Just when you thought you were starting to make sense of the world, you see this photo and you’re right back to square one

11 - Photographic proof that your children love you more than Santa

12 - Someone just discovered central heating

13 - Granny just told her how Little Red Riding Hood ends

14 - When you’re sick of being dressed the same as your brothers

15 - The awkward moment when a little girl ghost appears and ruins the shot

16 - The Christmas family photo all other Christmas family photos wish they were as cool as

17 - The effects of mothering your husband too much. Nappy Holidays, I mean Happy Holidays!

18 - Just another “dad joke” we’ll never understand

19 - What happened when Mr.Bean didn't want to be upstaged by the Christmas tree

20 - We don’t want to live in a world where three people willingly agreed to wear these jumpers

21 - Nothing says “Christmas” quite like matching Gingham outfits

22 - Inspired by the Elvis Presley classic, Blue Christmas

23 - We don’t know what we’re more impressed with: all the rosettes decorating the tree or the son’s ability to levitate…

24 - What happens when you don’t commit to the full Santa outfit because you love your polar bear shirt too much

25 - Just when Bubbles thought life couldn’t get any more wacko

26 - No matter how hard you try, you can’t un-see this photo

27 - We can’t help but think that there’s more to be questioned about this photo than just what’s in the box…

28 - We know who won this game of “rock, paper, scissors”

29 - Even Jesus wouldn’t approve of socks and sandals at Christmas

30 - Casual Christmas tree chopping attire

31 - He thinks she doesn’t know he’s there. Which is exactly what she wants him to think. Muahaha!

32 - Auditioning for The Borrowers: A Miniature Christmas Story

33 - You know it’s a bad photo when it would be less creepy if the animals were stuffed…

34 - Just me, my dog and my doll… nothing to see here folks


35 - “I want it to look like I’m rescuing the cat from getting stuck in the Christmas Tree and you happened to take a photo” – said no one, ever

36 - Gavin wanted to take the purr-fect photo for this year’s Christmas card

37 - The turtleneck-wearing cat is normal compared to the rest of the photo

38 - That awkward moment when you realise your owners’ coats are probably made out of the last pets they had

39 - They didn’t want the dog to feel stupid…

40 - Mum thought it would be hilarious to pose like robots

41 - Because fake child beards make every photo better


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