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Personalised Christmas gifts for cousins

Cousins are one of your first playmates. Growing up together, you enjoyed many hours round each other’s houses playing dress up or football. Now you are older, you still remember fondly your childhood together. You may not see each other as often but when you do, it’s just like old times. 

This Christmas your cousin deserves a special gift, that will show how much they mean to you.

Why not treat your cousin to a delicious present? Our Chocoholics Pizza can be personalised with a message from you to them. Likewise, our amazing Chocolate Football Tree will bring a smile to their face! 

Perhaps they love to entertain and this Christmas are hosting many dinner parties. Our Personalised Cheeseboard will impress their guests and comes with various handy cheese knives! 

Your cousin will be overjoyed with their own personalised christmas present this festive season!