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The 13 Celebrities Who Will Be Getting Lumps Of Coal In Their Calvin Klein Stockings This Christmas

Written By Charlotte Platt
Tuesday 8 Dec 2015 14:46

When it comes to putting together his VIP naughty list, Santa’s elves can stalk celebrities even better than the paps. Take a look at who they’ve decided deserve nothing more than lumps of coal this year…

Katie Hopkins

Her strong opinions have probably offended anyone who has ever lived. Her dislike for overweight people especially won’t go down well with Santa and his penchant for mince pies.

Miley Cyrus

Generally turning into a terrible role model for the nice children who fell in love with her as Hannah Montana means that Miley will remain on the naughty list until she puts some clothes back on, and her tongue back in her mouth.

Justin Bieber

From upsetting his entire Australian fan base in a scathing SnapChat, to being charged with multiple offences such as assault and dangerous driving, it would be quicker to list examples of good behaviour.

Zayn Malik

Not only did he break the hearts of millions of moon-eyed girls all around the world by quitting One Direction, but he then went and broke the heart of a Little Mixer. And Santa loves Little Mix.

Sepp Blatter

Unless the North Pole happens to host the next World Cup, assume that Sepp will remain on the naughty list for pretty much ever.

Tracy Barlow

This year alone she’s killed Kal and Maddie by burning down Carla’s flat. When Santa starts to lose count of how many people you’ve murdered over the years, getting back onto the nice list is going to be a struggle.


Jeremy Clarkson

Punching your boss is going to get you fired. Punching your boss, reciting racist rhymes and sending homophobic tweets is going to get you fired and straight onto the naughty list.

Robert Sugden

He first appeared on the naughty list due to his extramarital affair with Aaron. While he showed promise when the affair ended, he went on to murder his sister-in-law, Katie, and found himself right back on it. So close Robert.

Kate Moss

A police escort was called to meet Kate Moss off a flight from Turkey following a vodka related confrontation with EasyJet staff. Rock and roll yes, but naughty too.

Kanye West

Kanye proposing to run for presidency is a scary thought. But even more terrifying, is the thought of Kim Kardashian being the First Lady. Oh, and he still hasn’t been forgiven for naming his daughter after a region of the UK.

Jeremy Kyle

Year after year he plays ringmaster on a TV show that is essentially human bear-baiting. Well, at least he can put his high horse advice into practice now he’s found himself in the scandal spotlight thanks to his adulterous wife.

Farrah Abraham

She travelled all the way across the pond just to be argumentative and nasty to anyone who looked her way in the Celebrity Big Brother house. On her exit, she even managed to start a brawl on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.


Matisse the dog who won Britain’s Got Talent

Matisse is more talented than many of the humans who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, but his inability to have a conscience is no excuse for using a secret stunt double in the final.