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What Happened When Christmas Threw Up On 60 Dogs

Written By Abi McSherry
Thursday 12 Nov 2015 10:33

What Happened When Christmas Threw Up on 60 Dogs

1 - She knows we look tubby in stripes.

2 - Note to self: Don’t chase your tail near the Christmas tree

3 - Did they really need to involve us in their Christmas Eve pyjama tradition?

4 - I bet she puts this on Instagram

5 - Stop saying smile

6 - If I'm "such a cute reindeer" hopefully Santa will take me with him

7 - I hope they don't take us to the park like this...

8 - I’m sorry I’m taking so long, I just don’t know which is my best side

9 - Look at my fancy new ears!

10 - It could be worse. I’ve seen loads of other dogs in hats and stuff.

11 - We let you put the antlers on, now give us our treats.

12 - Too much turkey makes me sleepy.

13 - We. Look. Awesome.

14 - Je m'appelle Claus, I mean, Claude.

15 - It took you hours to put up. I can bring it down in minutes.

16 - Is it present time yet??

17 - Just call me Santa Paws.

18 - Every. Single. Year.

19 - This one is ours, we can smell it.

20 - Cheese? Where?!

21 - Elfie selfie.

22 - I put my coat on, now can I go play in the snow?

23 - Who’s the guy with the beard?

24 - The Christmas tree ate one of my antlers.

25 - So you’re telling us a big fat man is gonna come down that chimney?

26 - Does my neck look fat in this?

27 - This one looked too hot, so I unwrapped it.

28 - I draw the line at tinsel.

29 - And what have I come as?

30 - No we didn’t eat all the tree decorations. Elves took them.

31 - What? Like you’ve never seen a hungover dog before.

32 - Thank god you’re here – the lights just fell off the tree.

33 - Smiiiiile! Santa’s coming!

34 - Put on your dancing shoes Dorris, we’re going out out.

35 - I’d have preferred a crown, but the hat will do.

36 - We just need to recruit five more and we’ll have enough to pull the sleigh.

37 - What? You said dinner is ready.

38 - It’s our turn to choose the Christmas film and we want Snow Dogs.

39 - Hey human, the reindeer fainted!

40 - She ditched the tree and decorated us instead.

41 - Yep, I get even cuter at Christmas.

42 - Put this jumper on and stand by the fire. Seriously? Could I be any hotter?!

43 - Um, do you remember her telling us not to pee on the tree? Nope, me neither

44 - What was wrong with my normal ears?

45 - Sooo if whoever took all my presents just puts them back, I won’t say any more about it.

46 - Pugs love Christmas too

47 - I opened them all for you. You’re welcome.

48 - I know it’s Christmas Day tomorrow but please can I open just these two tonight?

49 - Yah, none of this is what I asked for.

50 - Pretend to faint and they won’t be mad.

51 - I actually hope they give us away after this stunt.

52 - Beam us up, Santa.

53 - Wake me up for the Queen’s speech.

54 - Where. Am. I?!

55 - Yeah, that’s right. Santa sacked off Rudolph for a flying Frenchie.

56 - Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

57 - This collar is a tad OTT, guys.

58 - If I squint hard enough, I can sprout a Christmas tree from my head.

59 - I caught Santa eating your mince pies, so I ate him.

60 - "Why did you get to be Santa?" "Because I've got a beard!"