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What Happens 12 Hours After Getting Too Drunk At The Office Christmas Party

Written By Abi McSherry
Friday 11 Dec 2015 08:41

What Happens 12 Hours After Getting Too Drunk At The Office Christmas Party

You’re on your third glass of wine but the minuscule measures mean that it barely equates to what you’d deem a Kath-sized glass.

The free bar euphoria has taken over and you have a glass in each hand. You joke about one being for Pam and laugh really loudly, because of course, there’s no one who works here called Pam.

You’ve got your hands on the mistletoe and in a bid to play cupid, are approaching unsuspecting coworkers, demanding they pucker up. They’ll thank you tomorrow.

You overhear your boss’ name mentioned. These sound like the perfect people to vent to. You might even tell them about the time you caught him stealing Sandra’s butter from the fridge. Grrrrr.

Rant over, you suddenly feel guilty and find yourself flirting outrageously with your boss to compensate. Wow, you don’t think you’ve ever been this charming and witty. You ponder whether this is the moment you’ve been waiting for and ask for a pay rise.

Sandra is putting you in a taxi. It’s probably for the best you decide. No one else was dancing. Not even to Tony Christe.

You wake up to Becky shouting “mum”. The loudest thing you’ve ever heard. Ever. You pull the duvet over your head hoping she’ll get herself ready for school.

Sandra rings with an exaggerated version of the evening. Typical. You absolutely did not ask for a show of hands from who thinks you deserve a pay rise. You wonder who put their hands up though. You bet Joyce didn’t. Grinch.

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