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Father's Day Messages 2019: What To Write In A Fathers Day Card

We know there are a million different types of dads, from the funny dads to the sport-mad dads, from the sentimental dads to the brand-new daddies and they all need celebrating in their own way! Father’s Day is the one day of the year especially dedicated to the man in your life who has always been there, made you laugh with his ‘dad’ jokes and given you the best (and possibly worst!) advice you could ask for. With our Father’s Day Card Messages Inspiration, you’re sure to find the perfect one to make your dad shed a tear or laugh out loud. Take a look at our amazing selection of card verses and get ready to put a smile on dad’s face!

Funny messages for Dad

"Thanks for having me, even if it was just so you’d have someone to take care of you when you’re old!"

"Dad, you’re the Mufasa to my Simba, but don’t worry… I won’t let Scar throw you off a cliff!"

"Dad, thanks for being my keyboard warrior!"

"Dad, thanks for the good looks… I’ll thank mum for my intelligence!"

"I hope this Father’s Day is as fun as your life was before kids!"

"I’m so glad it was you who knocked mum up!"

"Thanks dad for getting rid of all those spiders!"

"Thanks dad for teaching me air guitar!"

"Cheers dad, for sowing your wild oats with mum!"

"I hope you’re proud of me not sending the same card as last year!"

"Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite parents"

"To the best taxi driver and the most generous banker, Happy Father’s Day!"

"Great job dad, I turned out awesome!" "You never bought me a pony like you promised, but I still love you!"

"Dad, sorry for my teenage years…"

"Dad, I promise one Father’s Day to pay you back all your financial aid… this is not the year, sorry!"

"For Father’s Day I’m giving you some miracle hair growth, to grow back all the hair you lost raising us!"

"Dad, I wanted to give you the most special and amazing gift ever… then I remembered you already have me! Happy Father’s Day!"

"Thanks for being the hunter and gatherer in our family!"

"Man evolved to be the hunter and gatherer, I think you got left behind as you let mum do it! Happy Father’s Day!"

"What great taste mum had to pick you as a hubby and to be our dad!"

"Dad, you make being a father look easy, that’s because mum does everything…"

"Please accept this card as an I.O.U"

"Thanks for teaching me all the dumb sh*t mum wouldn’t let me do!"

Especially for Dad

"Dad, you’re my hero! Thanks for being you!"

"I love you to the moon and back"

"Any man can be a father but it takes a special someone to be a dad"

"Happy Father’s Day papa bear!"

"When it comes to dads, you’re simply unbeatable!"

"You made growing up so fun!"

"Thank you for being there and loving me unconditionally"

"You’re one in a million, dad!"

"To the most important gentleman I know, Happy Father’s Day"

"I can’t imagine what life would have been liked growing up without you. Thank you for being there through thick and thin. I love you."

"Happy Father's Day to my hero and role model. "

"You gave me the best gift – the gift of you believing in me. Thank you for being my greatest cheerleader and no.1 fan!"

"Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met you yet."
"DAD – Dedicated And Devoted"

"You’ve always been steady as a rock when I needed you, I love you."

"You are a king amongst men! Thank you for being you, dad!"

"When it comes to dads, there’s lots of them, but you’re the very, very best around!"

"Happy Father’s Day, I may be taller than you, but I still look up to you"

Messages From Son

"I’m so proud to be your son."

"One day I hope to be half the man you are."

"Sons become strong men from the influence of their father. Happy Father’s Day, dad!"

"When I was growing up, I looked up to you. Now I’m grown you’re still the best role model."

Messages From Daughter

"Dear dad, one day I hope I find a prince, but you’ll always be my king!"

"Thank you dad, for setting the standard for my future husband"

"Happy Father’s Day to the man who put the fear into all my dates and still treats me like a princess!"

First Father’s Day

"Daddy… A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love!"

"This is the first Father’s Day of many to come, daddy!"

"Happy first Father’s Day!"

Messages From Partner

"I’m so thankful we’ve created our bundle of joy and we’re taking the first steps of the parenting ladder together. Happy Father’s Day!"

"The best thing about having you as my partner is our children having you as their daddy!"

"Good fathers make great sons and ours is going to be amazing with you as their daddy!"

"Seeing what a great dad you are only makes me love you more, Happy Father’s Day!"

For Grandad/Gramps/Pop

"The very best dads are promoted to grandad!"

"You are the coolest pop!"

"The only thing better than having you as a dad, is my kids having you as a grandad."

"You’re the top of the Pops! Happy Father’s Day!"

"Dear grandad, thanks for making dad so fashionable and cool!"

"Grandad, I know you have loved me since I was born, but I have loved you my whole life"

"Grandad, you are a perfectly aged limited edition!"

"Dear grandad, for one day only we’ll excuse any senior moments!"

"You’re one of my favourite grandparents!"

"Dear grandad, on Father’s Day, sit back and relax and let [mum/dad] look after you!"

"Anyone can be a grandfather, but it takes someone special to be a grandad"

"Thank you for being the world’s best grandad!"

"We love your classic grandad jokes almost as much as we love you!"

"Grandad, you don’t have grey hair… you have wisdom highlights!"

"You are a king amongst men! Thank you for being you, grandad!"

Father In Law

"Thanks for not putting my [husband/wife] up for adoption!"

"Thank you for raising my [husband/wife] to be an amazing person!"

"I already had one amazing father, but I won the jackpot when I gained you as well!"

"Thank you for raising the [man/woman] of my dreams"

"Great job, your [son/daughter] turned out awesome!"

"When I married your [son/daughter] not only did I gain a partner for life, I gained a second father for life too"

Stepdad/Foster Dad

"Being a father is so much more than biology, you’ve raised me, supported me and loved me from the start, I love you, Happy Father’s Day"

"Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a stepfather/foster father"

"Just wanted to recognise you on Father’s Day for being such a caring and positive influence in my life."

"You're not just my stepdad/foster dad but my best friend."

"Forget the word stepfather, you are just a father."


"Everyone needs a ‘Funcle’ (Fun + Uncle) … Because funcles are much more fun than parents…"

"I’m so grateful we’re family, Happy Father’s Day uncle!"

"You’re like a second dad to me, Happy Father’s Day!"

"With love and thanks to an amazing man I’ll always look up to, Happy Father’s Day!"


"Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful godfather! My parents couldn’t have picked a better (or funnier) man for the job!"

"Unlike a regular dad, a godfather is selected like a precious gift. You are a gift to me! Happy Father’s Day, Godfather!"

"Couldn’t let the day go by without say Happy Father’s Day, Godfather!"

"Having you in my life has made all the difference in the world to me."