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Hilarious Gifts For Dad On Father's Day!

Here, you’ll find fun and unusual gifts to make dad chuckle (or groan in mock disgust!). And there are plenty of cheeky Father’s Day presents to tease pa about his old age, too!

Remind dad that even though he's your hero, he's super old and will likely start losing his hair soon. Our Personalised Miracle Hair Growth Mints will ensure for Father's Day he gets what he really wants, a full head of hair! The label can be personalised with a name to read '[Name's] Miracle Hair Growth Mints For Great Hair And Fresh Breath'. 

Is your father always moaning that he’s become the ‘bank of dad’? Is he always shocked at the price of items? Tease your daddy and let him know that he’s your own private bank. Our Personalised Bookmark is designed to resemble a debit card and will make him smile every time he sits down to read. 

Does your father love to make the family laugh with funny gags and practical jokes? Give dad a little taste of his own medicine with a Father’s Day present that’ll tickle his funny bone. Or join forces with your pop and help dad in his quest to be chief mischief maker! From novelty moustaches to a set full of pranks and tricks, you can make the joker of the family laugh out loud. 

If you’re feeling a tad mischievous, perhaps you could tease your dear old pa about his age and grumpiness? From tea tins labelled with ‘senior moments’ to ‘memory loss’ bottles of beer and ‘grumpy old man’ pint mugs, you can remind dad that he’s ancient! We’re sure that your father will point out that he’s simply older and wiser, though…