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Top 10 Gifts For Difficult-To-Buy-For Dads

Dad told you he doesn't need anything? Delight a doting daddy with a brilliant gift he never knew he needed!

Top 10 Gifts For Difficult-To-Buy-For-Dads

Struggling to think of an exciting present for dad? Always trying to decipher what “don’t buy me anything” actually means? Dodge that awkward question and let us answer it for you with our pick of brilliant presents for difficult-to-buy-for dads.


Virtual Reality Headset


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Virtual Reality Headset - Img1

Is your dad a daydreamer? Do you catch him staring into space, pondering what it would be like to soar through space or be a rock star? Well, with this virtual reality headset dad can live in that world! Watch 3D movies, play simulated games, and experience virtual simulations, simply by downloading them to his smartphone, and slipping the phone inside the headset.


Personalised ‘The Sun’ Newspaper Article

From £14.99

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Personalised ‘The Sun’ Newspaper Article - Img1

Most men dream of making the headlines as their favourite football team’s top new signing. Give your dad the chance to see his name in black and white, with this personalised newspaper article.


Jamie Oliver Denim Apron - ‘Super Chef’


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Jamie Oliver Denim Apron - ‘Super Chef’ - Img1

Does dad love whipping up a storm in the kitchen? Help him channel his inner ‘Jamie’ with this ever-so-masculine denim apron. It’s perfect for when he’s cooking Sunday lunch for all of the family.


Da Vinci Catapult

From £14.99

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Da Vinci Catapult - Img1

Test dad’s model making and science skills with this replica Da Vinci catapult. It’s a brilliant addition to his man cave or garage!


Engraved Friday Afternoon Hammer


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Engraved Friday Afternoon Hammer

Does dad see himself as a DIY expert? From putting up shelves to repairing the lawn mower, you know he’ll try his hand at anything that looks as though it needs fixing! DIY can be tiring and thirsty work though, can’t it? After a long day of hammering in nails, we imagine there's nothing dad would rather do than relax, and crack open a nice cold beer. And with our Personalised Friday Afternoon Hammer, that all-important bottle opener is always right where he needs it!


Man Bowl

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Man Bowl - Img1

An amusing gift for a dad who’s known for his love of food, has a tendency to pile it all up on his plate, and always asks for seconds!


Engraved Pint Tankard


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Engraved Pint Tankard – Love is good but Beer is better - Img1

A matter of opinion, of course, but a great way for your dad to enjoy his favourite tipple.


Ultimate Adrenaline Gift

From £14.99

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Ultimate Adrenaline Gift - Img1

Get his pulse racing as you treat your adrenaline-junkie dad to an activity from our long list of experience days. From indoor skydiving to a Lamborghini passenger ride, water-skiing sessions to a Segway rally for two.


Personalised Bicycle Repair Kit


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Personalised Bicycle Repair Kit - Img1

If dad loves cycling but his hobby has left him stranded in the wilderness with a puncture a few times, then this repair kit could be the answer to his pedalling perils. Complete with 15-piece multi-tool, 2 tyre levers, and a pouch with reflective trim.


Moustache Grooming Kit

From £14.99

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Moustache Grooming Kit - Img1

Is your dad so proud of his moustache that he’s always twiddling it? Ensure he never has a hair out of place with this supercool grooming kit. Complete with scissors, wax and a comb, it’s a fun gift for a stylish daddy!

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