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10 Gifts for The Newbie Dad

Written By Pip Neesham
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 15:17

10 Gifts for The Newbie Dad
He’s a doting daddy to your newborn, and your partner in crime through sleepless nights, nappy changes and general bewilderment. Celebrate his new role as a father and pay tribute to the best daddy in the world with a Father’s Day keepsake designed just for him.

1 - Personalised Cava - Happy 1st Father's Day

Toast to daddy’s nappy-changing and nursery rhyme-singing skills with a bottle of bubbly. Unfortunately, our Personalised Cava won’t help with the lack of sleep or stinky nappies but it's a lovely keepsake to mark dad’s first year as a proud father!

2 - Engraved Wooden Picture Frame

Capture a picture perfect moment in a frame he'll treasure forever this Father's Day.

3 - Personalised Jar Of Rosy Apple Sweets

He'll need the sugar rush for when it's his turn to do the night shift!

4 - Personalised Superdad's Super Tea

Kick start your superhero daddy's day with rocket fuel in the form of Twining’s English Breakfast tea!

5 - Personalised Bestest Daddy Ever Chocolate Bar

Give the cleverest and funniest daddy a chocolate bar printed with a loving message from you and baby to celebrate his first year as a father.

6 - Personalised Daddy's Shoes Print

Let daddy know just how brilliant, caring, kind, and loving he is with this heart-warming print.

7 - Personalised Daddy Keyring

This beautiful keyring is a charming keepsake that dad can use every day.

8 - Personalised Daddy You Rock My World Mug

He might be exhausted from sleepless nights but we think this adorable mug will make daddy smile every time he makes a cuppa.

9 - Personalised Pint Glass

There might not be as much time for a pint these days but this Personalised Pint Glass looks just as stylish with orange squash in it!

10 - Personalised Keep Calm and Daddy On Wine

The cotton wool is missing. The baby wipes have run out… Things can be a little overwhelming with a newborn, so let daddy know he’s doing a brilliant job with this bottle of wine.