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11 Gifts For The Comedian Dad

Written By Abi McSherry
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 14:53

11 Gifts For "The Comedian" Dad
If he's always trying to make you laugh with his dad jokes, he'll probably appreciate a gift that will make him laugh too.

1 - Personalised I'm Not Sleeping Mug

Unfortunately his excuse falls flat when he starts snoring.

2 - Personalised Miracle Hair Growth Mints

You know, just to help with his bald spot..

3 - ICK Mug

The only way you'll ever get away with swearing at your dad.

4 - Sock Sandals

You beg him not to do it, but if he insists...

5 - Half A Pint Glass

He won't admit it, but sometimes a pint is too much for him.

6 - Personalised Black Apron - Licensed To Grill

For the dad who won't let anyone else near the barbecue despite the fact he burns the sausages every single time.


7 - BBQ Branding Iron for Steaks

But you can't beat his steaks, so make sure everyone knows he cooked them.

8 - Man Mug

Complete with a chunky saw-style handle pencil and pencil holder, a built-in spirit level and ruler measurements, it's his perfect DIY partner.

9 - My Sack Golf Ball Sack

Well, he needs to store them somewhere!

10 - Da Vinci Catapult

Let's face it, he's never going to truly grow up.

11- TV Remote Tin

He demands control of the remote, only to continually loose it. Typical.