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11 Father's Day Gifts Every Gadget Geek Will Love

Written By Abi McSherry
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 15:05

11 Gifts For The "Gadget Geek" Dad
You can never have too many gadgets, so why not top up his collection this Father's day with a useful, albeit ever so slightly geeky, gift for dad?

1 - Personalised Turbo Tube Powerbank

If he keeps draining his phone battery listening to his favourite Eagles album, this personalised emergency charger is exactly what he's missing.

2 - Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Now all his important barbecuing tools (beer being the most important) can remain in reaching distance.

3 - Personalised Multi Tool

Essentially 9 gadgets in 1, this personalised multi tool is the practical man's dream!

4 - Personalised USB Key

If he's gone through more USB sticks than you can shake a stick at, treat him to a special one that he'll try really hard not to lose and can be attached to his keys.

5 - The Selfy Swim

He can take all the photos he wants on your next family holiday thanks to this amazing phone cover that will let him use his iPhone under water! Amazing!

6 - Men's Ironing Board Cover

He'll appreciate anything that will make mundane tasks easier and more fun.

7 - Lazy Bracket

For those times when he just can't be bothered to hold his phone.

8 - Self-Stirring Lazy Mug

In this day and age, tasks as simple as stirring your tea really should be automated. Right?

9 - Personalised Secret Message Cufflinks

Impress him with these secret-agent style cufflinks.


10 - Personalised Steel Phone Stand

Perfectly propped up and ready for him to use.

11 - Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Tidy desk, tidy mind.