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12 Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Golf

Written By Abi McSherry
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 14:59

12 Gifts For "The Golfer" Dad
Make his golf buddies on the green with envy with these great golfing gifts this Father's Day...

1 - Golf Ball Monogrammer

Now he'll always know which balls are his!


2 - Personalised Golf Tees

Help him tee off in style.


3 - Engraved Stern Whisky Glass

He can use it to steady his stroke before the game, or celebrate afterwards.

4 - Personalised Golf Gift Set

Three golf tees, a pitch repairer and a personalised golf ball maker - what more could he want?



5 - Golf Lesson with PGA Pro Gift Experience

He'll learn to chip, pitch and putt like a pro!

5 - Digital Golf Scorer

Help him keep score and stay under par with this handy device.

6 - The Sun Personalised Spoof Newspaper Article

Create your very own newspaper article featuring your dad as the star golfer.

7 - Colin Montgomerie Golf Club Pen Set

Fun for writing with (and for playing mini golf at his desk!)


8 - Golf Club Cufflinks In Personalised Box

Something special for him to wear on and off the green...


9 - Personalised Golf Head Cover

Perfect for keeping his clubs protected from bumps and scratches.


10 - Engraved Golf Putter

Possibly the best golfing gift ever.


11 - Golf Ball Finder Glasses

If he's always coming home a couple of balls down, these might help!