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14 Fathers Day Gifts For The Star Wars Fan

Written By Abi McSherry
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 15:22

14 Father's Day Gifts For The Star Wars Fan
If your dad's doing a better job than Darth Vader did with Luke and Princess Leia, congratulate him with a Star Wars themed gift this Father's Day.

1 - Star Wars® Self Stirring Mug

No need for a tea spoon thanks to this mug's Jedi stirring powers!

2 - Wookiee Cookies Tin

Who needs the Cookie Monster when you can have a Wookiee Cookie Monster?

3 - Storm Trooper Travel Mug

Make his commute to work more interesting with a Storm Trooper Travel Mug he can use every day.

4 - R2 D2 Desk Hoover

Perfect for cleaning up all those Wookie Cookie crumbs.

5 - Star Wars® Glass - I Am Your Father

He's exactly what it says on the glass...

6 - Star Wars® Latte Mug

If his coffee motto is "the stronger the better", this latte mug will make the perfect Father's Day present.

7 - Ceramic Darth Vader™ Money Box

Now he has somewhere fun to keep his spare change.

8 - How To Speak Droid With R2D2

Sundays used to be about pottering around the garden... now it can be about learning a whole new language.

9 - Star Wars® Darth Vader Cushion With Pockets

Treat him to somewhere he can keep the remote control safe...

10 - Personalised I Am Your Father Pint Glass

If his answer to most of your questions is 'because I am your father!' you know that he'll love this pint glass.

11 - Star Wars® Espresso Mug Set

Brewed to perfection in a galaxy far, far away.

12 - Star Wars® Kitchen Timer

He can rely on his friendly little droid to help him make the perfect eggs..


13 - Intergalactic Egg Cup Set

...and have something fun to put them in.

14 - Personalised I Am Your Father Apron

Save his clothes from any cooking calamities with his new favourite apron.