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26 Dad Dogs Who Got Ties For Fathers Day

Written By Abi McSherry
Friday 19 Feb 2016 14:58

27 Dad Dogs Who Got Ties For Fathers Day
Is it a bone to bury? Is it a new bouncy ball to chase? Is it that smelly shoe I always steal? No? It’s a tie. Oh…

1 - I'm not sure a tie goes with my vest, but thanks anyway.

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2 - I tied it too tight. Quick! Someone loosen me!

3 - Only thing worse than getting a tie? Getting matching ties.

4 - All the cool dad dogs wear their ties to the side.

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5 - Ready to run the dog house * fixes tie *

6 - If you insist on taking a photo, at least get my good side.

7 - I LOVE it!

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8 - When you get in after a long day in the office and they pour you a cold beer.

9 - I know you miss me when I’m at work, so I got you guys a present.

10 - I know. I look incredible.

11 - I will consider your request to chase the Frisbee... and get back to you on it.

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12 - I think you shrunk it.

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13 - Here come the men in black...

14 - Does it go with my hat? No? You’re probably right...

15 - Just watching the game with the other dad dogs.

16 - I think it’s too big. Maybe I need the size down?

17 - Just got a few emails to send and I’ll be right with you.

18 - You know me – never leave the house without my toupee and tie.

19 - Is my tie straight? Yes, dear. Is my bow? Yes, dear.

20 - I’d better trim my beard so you can see my great new tie.

21 - Which present is my favourite? They’re all my favourite...

22 - Working hard or hardly working? #dadjoke

23 - What better feeling than loosening your tie and unbuttoning your collar?

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24 - Best. Father's Day. Ever.

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25 - I'm just on an important Skype, honey.

26 - A new tie and tickles? Now you’re just spoiling me!