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North Star Personalised Necklace with Leather Cord

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Product Description
Through thick and thin, all the good times and bad, whether we like it or not, we are inseparably and forever linked to our family. Honestly, would you have it any other way?

All the birthdays, Christmases, holidays and lazy days spent on the sofa on a Saturday night. Family time truly is the best time.

Our sterling silver necklace is a great representation of the family bond, not to mention it’s an alluring piece of jewellery in its own right. Included is a large ring that can be personalised with any name or message, and four small rings, each of which can also be personalised. 

When you've chosen your personalisation, you’ll have an engraved necklace that beautifully represents your loving family.

Handmade in Brighton.

What Can I Put On My Necklace?

Each ring will be hand-stamped with the name/s of your choice. You can personalise the large ring with any name up to 18 characters.

You can personalise each of the four small rings with any name or nickname up to 8 characters.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Dimensions: Large ring: dia. 2cm; small rings: dia. 1cm 

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