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101 Legendary Whiskies Book

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Part of the enjoyment of indulging in a nice whisky is the feeling of being part of an exclusive club. The kind that will only invite you to join if you can prove that you appreciate the sensory overload that comes with sipping on a one hundred year-brewed batch. 

In this book Ian Buxton takes the reader on a journey to find the rarest and most extraordinary whiskies from around the world. He uses his experiences to taunt drooling drinkers with evocative words that, almost certainly, lead to them heading online to search for this enigmatic drink. A somewhat impossible task in some cases, as they'll find as they read on, he discovers the hard-to-find, almost impossible and last remaining products that may be sitting in a long-lost distillery somewhere remote. 

An interesting and cultural read that will not only make any whisky-lover salivate over every word, but will open them up to a depth of knowledge they never knew they could absorb. Meet people who make them and see how those that were once know to be exceptional have been succeeded over time. 

Dimensions: H18.4 x W12.1 x D1.9cm

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 224 
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101 Legendary Whiskies Book
Just right! The present for someone who knows and enjoys whiskies and is difficult to buy for!
By Thea from Hertfordshire
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