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21st Birthday Mug And Coaster Set - Gorgeous

Product Description
When we turn 21 it feels as if the world is at our feet. You can finally get in to that celebrity-packed american club you had no luck with on your last holiday, fly that helicopter you've had your eye on for years, and even drive an HGV. If you want, of course... 

Does this also mean your love for boy bands and the colour pink has to go out the window and you have to swap pop for poetry and start wearing pant suits? Not if you don't want to! You can just look at it as another year to feel even more fabulous than you did the last. Sip a sophisticated latte, a relaxing cup of tea or even a fruity cosmopolitan from this girly mug. 

Reading '21 and gorgeous' in purple and black lettering, the white mug has a stylish silhouette-like icon of a Martini glass. The matching purple coaster reads the same in black and white lettering, making for a very coordinated pairing. 

A great gift idea for the girl who keeps getting better with age. 

Care instructions: Hand-wash recommended 

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