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3D Star Wars Episode VII Coasters, Set Of 8

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Product Description
You've always been sure that, when it came to it, you'd choose the light side over the dark. Good triumphs over evil always and all that... 

But then, when you have friends round for a nice cup of tea and one of them leans over to put their mug on your brand new, limited edition coffee table, avoiding the provided coaster, you begin to understand what it could feel like to embrace the dark side. 

A surge of fury takes over you as each little droplet of condensation leaves a destructive ring across its distinctive markings. Can't they see the coaster right in front of them? Do you need to call your team of elite soldiers to come and sort the problem out for you? 

Perhaps give them one last chance and, in an attempt to avoid any unnecessary 'force', invest in these impressive 3D Star Wars Episode VII coasters. Featuring some of your favourite characters, new and old, from the much-anticipated new film, from Chewbacca to new baddie Kylo Ren, the impressive effect makes you feel as though you're caught up in a light saber fight or one-on-one with the Stormtroopers as you sip your brew. 

Dimensions: H10 x W10 x D1cm

Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Contents: 8 x Coasters (including R2D2, Rey and Kylo Ren)
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