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A Man’s Guide To Having A Baby

Product Description
You're about to become a big-time papa and it's only just sinking in. The little one is months away and you've only just realised you don't know your nappies from your dummies. Are you ready for this, soon-to-be-daddies? No, of course you're not! Who is? 

Preparing for a baby is difficult. You can have everything you need prepared. The cot, the buggie and the endless supply of muslin cloths, but nothing can truly prepare you for such an amazing experience that is first time parenthood. 

From how to swaddle them in their favourite blanket, to preparing the bottles for feeds that may (will) occur at unsociable hours, this beautifully written self-help book encourages men to embrace their fears and run at them. 

Beginning with the first 9 months of pregnancy, covering anything from a woman's changing body to potential medical issues, it goes on to talk about the birth itself before giving tips on taking the baby home for the first time and anything of use for the following 12 months. 

An easy-to-digest manual that no man should embrace fatherhood without! 

Dimensions:  H18.8 x W12.7 x D1.5cm 

Pages: 112
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