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After This We're Getting Pizza Exercise Mat

Product Description
Whether you've got a lunchtime pilates class or an hour of yoga in the evening, we know that the thought of doing any form of planking and downward-dogging makes vegging on the sofa all the more appealing...

And if you factor in a 12" pizza and a glass of wine, that's you sold! Because, as we all know, when it comes to the gym, we all need a little motivation sometimes!

But should the guilt start to kick in as you mull over cancelling your class and donning your pjs, we've got something you're going to love!

Made from a pastel pink PVC, our large gym mat is the perfect exercising accessory and is the ultimate motivation! 

The mat comes shrink-wrapped with a belly band and reads 'After This We're Getting Pizza' in a block black font so you can be mentally ordering your chicken supreme as you struggle through your side plank. 

A fun gift for a fitness guru that will make them the envy of the gym studio! 


Dimensions (approx.): H172 x W60 cm 
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