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After This We're Getting Pizza Gym Bag

Product Description
We all know how much of a struggle it can be forcing yourself to go to the gym after a tough day at work or following a night of over-indulgence. 'Why don't you come with me?' asks your super-fit best friend every day. A gym buddy is not necessarily the answer! Perhaps silent support, who won't judge you when you swap for a night on the sofa, is more what you're looking for. 

This pastel pink cotton holdall could soon be the home of your out-of-favour gym gear and the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and an elevated heart rate. We're not suggesting there'll be some kind of romantic connection between you and it, but rather you'll feel more confident strutting your stuff on the treadmill with this in hand. 

Two leatherette handles make it easy to carry (even if you have three litres of protein shake inside) and two pockets at either end are perfect for holding headphones and padlocks. Open up and be dazzled by the neon pink lining and clashing golden hardware that's as cool as the blasting air-con. 

But here comes the best bit... Reading 'After This We're Getting Pizza' on the side in a black playful font, this brilliant accessory knows exactly what to say to get to your heart. Full of promise to give you something to run towards (literally, if that's how you roll) and make every bead of sweat just that bit more worth it! 

A must for gym bunnies and wannabe-bunnies alike!  

Dimensions: H23 x W20cm

Material: Cotton twill with leatherette handles
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