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Air Guitar Card

Product Description
If they love nothing more than driving down the motorway, windows rolled down, blasting their favourite tunes and whipping out the air guitar then it sounds like you've got a music lover on your hands! 

And while an electric bass might be a little out of your budget if you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift, our air guitar card makes a great alternative! 

With a black and white theme, the front of the card reads 'Official Miniature Air Guitar, Free Air Plectrum' with a white silhouette of someone rocking out. Open up to reveal the air guitar and plectrum, handcrafted from the very finest fresh air and securely packed! 

The card also includes finger instructions for some favourite chords, suggested tunes and some advanced moves that they may like to attempt. The Air Guitar Card comes with a fitting jet black envelope along with space to write your own lyrics or greetings. 

A fun card and gift rolled into one that's sure to be music to their ears! 

Contents: 1x Card, 1x Envelope, 1x Miniature Air Guitar & Plectrum

Material: Thin Air, Card

Dimensions: A5 (approx.) 
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