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Animal Face Egg Cups (Set Of Two)

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Product Description
Boiled eggs are a great comfort food, cooked for just the right amount of time, with the faithful accompaniment of some delicious soldiers to dip. But every time you have this delicious idea, you remember that you don't have egg cups. Well, it's the only food you fancy now, so ensues a game of chase the egg around the plate as it rolls haphazardly away from you. 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, who loves all things wild, then these quaint egg cups may be just the thing that brunch time needs. Boasting beautifully hand-painted faces of a tiger, cat, rabbit, labrador, zebra or panda, simply place your eggs in the top and get cracking, dipping and enjoying!

Sold in matching sets of two, all you have to do is decide which creature you'd most like to invite into your home. 

Dimensions: Tiger: H.8 x W.9 x D.11cm, Cat: H9 x W8. x D7cm, Rabbit: H.9 x W.9 x D.12cm, Labrador: H.7 x W.9cm, Zebra: H.9 x W.6 x D.13cm, Panda: H8 x W8 x D1.1cm

Material: Ceramic
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