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Baby Shower Sock Cupcakes

Product Description
There's nothing like the teeny tiny footsteps of a newborn baby. The untouched softness and adorable little toes you just can't get enough of. Alas, sometimes we have to cover up these lovely tootsies, in equally cute and small socks. 

But these socks are no usual accessory, oh no, they come delectably presented as soft and fluffy cupcakes. A fantastic baby shower gift for an expecting friend, they are available in pink, blue or lemon yellow, and each colour comes with a sprinkling of bright white ones too, with a lovely beaded flower appliqué on the side. 

Just don't forget the actual cupcakes too... other wise you'll be left with guests in need of a serious sugar rush! 

Material: 100% cotton 

Colours: Pink, blue, lemon

Sizes: 0-3mths or 3-6mths
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