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Back Me Up! Charging Cord

Product Description
When your alarm goes off in the morning, there's nothing quite like rolling over and checking the world of social media on your phone to wake up your eyes, is there? 

Catch up on the goings on in the social networking sphere, double tapping pictures, scrolling through statuses and...oh wait. You're suddenly restricted to scrolling at a certain angle. Again. Your charger is extended to its maximum length and you don't dare move for fear of unplugging it. And it isn't long before you're faced with an aching arm and strained neck, all in the name of browsing. 

Every percentage helps, right? 

Well strain no more, our Back Me Up! charging cord is the answer to your awkward phone charging angle prayers! With 152 centimetres of cord, you can peruse from the comforts of your pillow without pulling any muscles! Choose from either a durable metallic gold or metallic silver finish and put the pow back in power.

A practical gift whatever the occasion!

Dimensions: Length: 152cm (60") 

Features: 1x USB, 1x 8-pin

Material: Metallic cord

Design Options: Metallic gold or metallic silver

Compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 plus, 6S and 6S plus
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