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Before & After 5 Wine Glass

Product Description
One of those days again? We all have them, maybe not as many as you, but we do! 

We're talking about the days when you trip over on the way to work, ripping your new tights. Then, you realise you've forgotten your purse so have to nibble on crackers you've had in your desk drawer for months. The final straw? The car breaks down on the way home and you don't get back until gone eight o'clock. By then, your flatmate has drunk the remaining mouthfuls of your wine, so you have to settle for a cup of tea instead!  

You know the rule, don't you? No wine before 5? Yes, that one! On days like this, that should really go out the window! But as we don't make the rules, we are here to attempt to take the edge off… 

So, wake up in the morning and fill the ‘Before 5’ end with a hot cup of ambition then, as soon as 'Wine O’Clock' rolls around, it’s time for the ‘After 5’ end - simply flip and sip! 

This innovative, wonderful creation is a perfect antidote to 'one of those days'. Half wine glass, half mug, the glass mug reads 'Before 5' and the wine glass 'After 5'. Enjoy your caffeine fixes from one side, before turning it over for fun times on the strike of 5. 

We won’t advise you to prematurely flip the glass over, disobeying the rule, but you can always see how the day goes... 

A great Secret Santa gift for a colleague or fun gadget for a best friend who loves their vino. 

H25.3 x W11cm

Material: Glass 

Care instructions: Hand-wash only 

Please drink responsibly -
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