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Blink Time Watch

Product Description
These days it's a battle of the gadgets. What can we find that most looks like something that's been beamed down from another planet. That does the food shopping for us, while hoovering the house, but that can also be worn on our wrists and used as a fashion accessory? 

Well, perhaps that's yet to be discovered, but this sleek silicone contraption definitely looks as though it could trigger some sort of vacuum ready to suck you in to the atmosphere. What it does in fact do, is show the time, date or a seconds counter under the control of simple taps. One tap for the time, two for the date, and three for the counter. 

Say goodbye to squinting at your watch to see the time at night, and hello to the bright LED display which spreads itself across the screen with just one tap. Available in black, pink, white or blue, this funky accessory adds a splash of colour to your everyday attire. 

You could try talking in to it, but we can't promise anyone will respond... 

Dimensions (approx.):  25cm x 3cm x 1cm

Material: Silicon wrist strap and face 

Requires 1 x 3V CR2016 battery (replaceable)

Features: Animated LED display
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