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Bone Bowl

Product Description
We all know our canine companions crave a refreshing run in the park, chasing sticks and burying bones. When they snooze in the sun, kicking their legs as they dream, we know what's going on. They live for 'walkies' and even when tucked up in their basket they think of what their next one may bring. 

Get your favourite pooch's tail wagging even more than usual, this dinner time and change the way they eat their tea for good. With this magnificent Bone Bowl, it's all in the name, a bone shaped bowl! What could be better for your four-legged friend? Filled with his favourite food and some water to wash it all down with. 

With a knick knack paddy-whack give your dog a... bone bowl! 

Dimensions: Complete: 39 x 22 x 7cm. Bowls: 14 x 14 x 4.5cm.

Capacity: 400ml.

Weight: Complete: 737g. Bowl: 57g.

Material: Anti-slip rubber feet, PVC station and Stainless Steel bowls.

Colour choice: Blue or pink 

Care instructions: Care instructions: Stainless steel bowls: Dishwasher safe 

Please note: Suitable for small to medium sized dogs such a Cockers, Terriers and Corgis.

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