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Boss Voodoo Doll

Product Description
Does your boss really wind you up? Do you often feel like even though you've been there for five years, they still call you Kevin when your name's Karl... oh it's not, it's Ken... ? Sorry! 

Do you feel like you're due a promotion or deserve a few more holiday days? Well, don't tell us. Tell the Boss Voodoo Doll! This chap is the best listener and is on hand to make you instantly feel better. Tell it everything that winds you up about your job, and stick tiny pins in it to release your angst. 

The black doll has white writing all over it, reading Boss Voodoo Doll across the centre and boasting crossed eyes and a straight-lined mouth, it also says things like 'Give me a pay rise', 'Compliment me on my work' or even 'Sack me'... if it's really got that bad! 

Stop getting worked up and get all that stress out with help from your new best friend.
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