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Break Hearts Break-Up Handkerchief

Product Description
Oh no, it's happened again. The peanut butter to your jam, the G to your T, has left nothing but a measly letter inscribed on a piece of tissue. Sure, you were only together for two 2 weeks, but you were pretty sure it was love so we're still all pretty shaken up for you. 

Get to grips with your most-recent stint of heartbreak and delve that drizzling nose into the chilly embrace of this rather unsympathetic handkerchief. Boasting a break-up letter scribbled in blue pen, you can drown your life's sorrows as you try to find solace in the words of your ex- love (it's them not you!) 

Go to town on this soft cotton gadget, which comes neatly presented in a transparent envelope, doing your very best to smudge the gut-wrenching message as you go. Then neatly fold it back up until you next need it (not that you will, next time we're sure it'll be for life!) 

Material: 100% cotton poplin.

Size: A4
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