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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Triple Hip Flask

Product Description
Do you have a friend who is constantly boring you with their knowledge of various wines and what goes best with what meal? We hear you, it can be very dull for those without interest! 

This quirky hip flask makes for a humorous gift for your wine-loving companion, with a compartment for 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner' tipples. They'll be sorted when in need of liquid accompaniments to their daily meals! Separated in to three sections, which all screw in to each other and can be sipped with ease, this can be discreetly popped in a small bag or coat pocket to be whipped out when necessary. So whether it's fish, steak or veggies on the menu, they can be loaded up with a selection of red, white and rosé to suit.  

Alternatively, if you're buying for a buddy who likes a good mixture, an Irish cream liquor would sit right at home in the breakfast tier, while a nice gin and tonic for the lunch section could wash down a summery sandwich, before ending their day with your favourite whisky as an after dinner night cap. 

Spoil your boozy buddy on their coming birthday, or give it to your dad this Father's day as an amusing change from the norm. 

Dimensions: W10 x H17 x D2cm 
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