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Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

Product Description
Jewellery can can make a woman feel super fancy when sported with her favourite outfit. When we first buy it, we always promise ourselves that we'll monitor its whereabouts to avoid the usual disappointment of it going missing after being worn only a handful of times. 

There's nothing fun about missing the bus in the morning, because you're turning the house upside down looking for your favourite piece. So make your life easier and always be sure as to where exactly your beloved rings are when you need them. 

This chrome-plated holder is in the shape of a bunny rabbit, the ears making an ideal port to slide each ring on to. Stand this sleek and adorable character on your bedside table or vanity chest and never find yourself scrambling around on the bedroom floor again. 

Hop to it!

Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 7cm

Material: Chrome-plated
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