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Busy B Garden Journal

Product Description
Have you got big plans for the back garden next year? Since you moved in you've spent hours stood by the patio window, looking out on to it, creative ideas buzzing around your head. Grass, paving, decking? Which to go for? A mix of the three? What colour scheme suits you, and what is the best way to create a wonderful garden that you can spend more time in enjoying, than tending to?

Get to some garden shows and be inspired by the pros. Draw out a little plan and divide your year into time you'll set aside. Is all this sounding a bit stressful? You wanted it to be a relaxing job that you could enjoy, but suddenly everything seems mighty daunting! 

This beautiful planner is here to help and includes graph paper to help you plot every angle of the garden, and an undated year planner allows you to plan month by month so you can try to work out a finish date. A good-sized plastic pocket means you can gather newspaper and magazine clippings for inspiration while collecting seeds to eventually plant. A small separate notebook is also included so if you don't fancy lugging the hole pad around with you, or you're worried about losing important parts, then you can just slip that in your bag and whip it out whenever necessary. 

The quaint pale yellow cover has an orange band to hold it all together. The main image on the front is a pale orange watering can with darker dots and a lovely drawing of a small bird, perched on top of it. Underneath it reads 'Garden Journal'. 

A great gift for someone eager to get started and passionate about personally completing their dream garden.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 20.5 x 2.5cm
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