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Busy Recipe File

Product Description
There's nothing more upsetting than getting ready to get your bake on, and realising you've lost the recipe you were going to use! It went down so well with all the tasters last time, now what happens if you try a different one, it's not as impressive and you lose your squeaky-clean reputation? Panic stations! 

Avoid the bakery blues and invest in, what can only be described as, the baking bible. A home for all the greatest recipes, methods and visual stimulus to help make your time in the kitchen the best it possibly can be. 

A handy conversion chart sits neatly inside the front cover, so any mathematic head-scratchers don't lead to culinary disasters. Including six A4 and two A5 plastic pockets to slip the recipes into so they don't get damaged, you can easily add more the bigger your repertoire becomes. 

A handy built-in stand means you can prop the current recipe up, attaching it to the magnetic clip for easy viewing. So when there's flour in your hair and butter all over your hands, you won't have to get anything mucky and the next step will be well within your view. 

A great way of documenting every success (and failure if you like!), it would also be a lovely thing to hand down to your kids when they're older, to give them a head start! 

Dimensions: H26.5 x W31 x D3cm 

Weight (approx.): 477g
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