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Busy B School Year Calendar

Product Description
It can be difficult to keep on top of a busy household and what's going on in everyone's lives. What with your daughter's new love for ballet, but her commitment to the mathletes, conflicting with your son's football practices and swimming lessons. 

How will you remember to drop one off before picking the other up? And then throw a dentist appointment or two in the mix and you've got the making of a scheduling disaster! You're going to end up leaving one of them waiting in the car park as you wonder whether that feeling that you've forgotten something is actually something you should take notice of or not... again!  

This handy school year calendar may be just what you need to get yours and your family's lives in order. With separate columns for birthdays, this calendar has room for five people's activities, while each month has handy storage pockets attached to hold invitations, appointments or even concert tickets, so that they don't get lost. A tear-off notepad and stickers help you take your to-do list away with you, while the stickers are a handy and creative way to mark specific things. 

A must-have for families who live hectic lives, it's the perfect way to ensure your day-to-day life doesn't get on top of you, while being a colourful and characterful addition to your lovely home. 

Dimensions (approx.): H32 x W23.5 x  x D1.5cm 

Runs from August to August (13 months)
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