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Busy B Wedding To Do's Planner

Product Description
When wedding time comes around, there's so much to consider. The 'To-Do' list can grow to the length of a full length novel, what with, decoration ideas, dress fittings and menus to decide upon. And that's just the start, once it's all over it's about thank you cards and post-wedding admin. 

Keep on top of things and stop Bridezilla from rearing her ugly head, when you invest in this beautiful book. The off-white cover reads 'Wedding To Do's' in a silver script font. An icon of two interlocking rings sits at the bottom surrounded by a sprinkling of small stars. 

Inside consists of pages like 'Guests & Gifts' on which you can tick adorable little heart icons every time you complete a task. The 'Contacts' page has room for names and addresses, to make the invitation process just that bit easier. The 'Wedding' page boasts a list consisting of tasks like 'Cake', 'Flowers & Decorations' and 'Music', which you can add to at your leisure. Of course, the most important piece of the jigsaw is the dress. A little pouch inside can be left for magazine cuttings and inspiration, with a blank page on the other side for notes. 

A must-have for any bride, there will be no stone left un-turned and the run up to your big day should be a stress-free affair... Well, as stress free as possible, it's no miracle worker!    

Dimensions: 13.5 x 19 x 1.5cm

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