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Butt Head Game

Product Description
Ever been playing a ball game with a sibling, friend or perhaps even your offspring and just had the urge to try and get them on the head? Go on, admit it, we've all thought it, some may even have given it a shot in the past, and got in trouble. 

Well then, what could be better than a game where the aim is to get the ball to land on the opponents head and stick there? Still not convinced this won't cause sibling arguments or friendships to fall apart? Worry not, these balls are lightweight so no one will get hurt. 

One player puts on the swimming cap-like hat, which ties under the chin, and awaits their opponent to start throwing the balls in their direction. The aim of the game is to score the most points by catching the most balls on your head. Easy. 

What's more, the luminous blue and green cap is very fetching, anyone wearing it is bound to immediately feel pretty cool. A game for adults and kids alike, and great for weekends spent in the park or garden. 

See who you butt heads with best. 

Please note: The game comes with one cap and three balls. 
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